Project Description

There is a certain level of complete that I feel when I have personally written and performed a song. Not all songs fit into the same box. You see all over my site that I’m “not to be painted with one brush.” This idea is also prevalent in the music I create. Under “Maygen Lacey”, I collaborate with producers and other musicians from MN to the UK to come up with unique cover songs and singles of all genres, but I also work closely with a few key partners in writing original music that I love to perform live, that varies from country-folk to indie-pop.
Maygen & The Birdwatchers is my americana project with my friend & guitarist, Noah Neumann. You will catch us playing some “Maygen Lacey” specific songs as well.
Sparrows Rising is an original indie/folk duo with my partner,  Stacia Ray. We create music meant to uplift and inspire people who could use some light. Come to think of it…the “silver lining” is a theme in much of my songwriting.  🙂

Maygen Lacey / Maygen & The Birdwatchers

“The People We Don’t Choose” EP: written with partner, Noah Neumann on guitar. (Maygen & The Birdwatchers – more info on our duo/band HERE)

“This Love” & “If I Were Standing” singles: written with partners Steve Mast & Wes Koz.

BOOKING/INQUIRIES: [email protected]

Sparrows Rising

WEBSITE: Sparrows Rising

BOOK US: [email protected]


  • Maygen Lacey & Stacia Ray (vocals, lyrics)
  • Phil Miller (guitar)
  • Chris Dugan (bass)
  • Joe-Nick Akume (drums)

GENRE: Folk-Rock, Uplifting, Christian

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